Diabetic Socks

Many diabetes sufferers, especially those in advanced years, need to look after their feet. Diabetes reduces blood flow to the body’s extremities, and it’s unfortunate that this leads to numbness, ulcers, and – in extreme cases – amputation for the sufferer.

According to Diabetes UK, people with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital with a foot ulcer than with any other complication of diabetes. This is because diabetes leads to poor circulation and reduced feeling in the feet. Diabetes can cause both nerve damage and the furring up of arteries in the feet. Diabetes sufferers may have problems with cuts and sores, which do not heal very well, and as a result of poor circulation, they may also suffer from cramp and pain in the legs and feet.

As well as the careful dietary control that diabetics need, some find comfort with a pair of diabetic socks that are made to ensure less abrasion on the feet and prevent blistering which may take longer to heal.

Celebrity Wearer: Type 1 diabetic Halle Berry, whose Bond bikini moment was made awesome by a pair of diabetic socks (May actually be a lie). Bond himself wears black gentlemen’s socks, available from socked.co.uk