Dance Socks

Sometimes, all you want to do is leave your cares behind, forget about your troubles, think of a happy tune, and get up and dance. That has never happened to us.

In our long experience of selling black cotton socks to discerning gentlemen, we have received many, many queries from customers which we have answered to the best of our knowledge. However, nobody has ever asked “Can I dance in these socks?” The answer, of course, is “Sure, we’re not going to stop you”, because socks from are hard-wearing and comfortable, and will be more than adequate if you find yourself caught up in the middle of an episode of Glee.

However, if you are expecting to perform on the stage at the Bolshoi Ballet, you will probably need a lovely pair of silky ballet socks, delicate and lightweight enough to make the most of the demands of precision dance. Best save your gents’ black socks for stuffing down the front of your tights. Dance socks allow freedom of movement, and keep you comfortable enough to concentrate on the prancing about. We would highly recommend dance socks if you do a lot of dancing. Otherwise, stick to these: other socks.

Celebrity Wearer: Bruce Forsyth