Cycling Socks

Britain leads the world in competitive cycling, and this is in no small part due to the quality of the socks worn by our elite athletes. Also, the bikes, the facilities and the people who are brilliant at cycling. But mostly because of the socks.

Cycling socks are as important to the serious cyclist as any other piece of kit. A quality pair keep the feet dry and free from sweat, and paying out for a waterproof pair is essential if you’re likely to end up anywhere wet (for example: the entire British Isles).

Cycling socks come in a variety of forms, from the barely visible “trainer shoe” size, all the way up to knee-length. The night-time cyclist can even get a pair of high-visibility neon socks which – in any other circumstances – would be seen as the ultimate fashion disaster.

If you’re joining the ranks of thousands of cycling commuters, don’t forget a change of clothing once you get to the office. And that means top-notched gentlemen’s black socks from Why not save a little weight and have a subscription send straight to you place of work?

Celebrity wearer: Sir Bradley Wiggins, mod and national hero