Cushioned Socks

Unless there’s been some ground-breaking surgical procedure we haven’t heard about, you only ever get one pair of feet. They need looking after, both with feet that don’t put them through torture, and socks that allow them room to breathe. People often overlook comfortable socks, and if they have a job or pastime that involve long periods on their feet, cushioned socks are a must.

Long-distance walkers, or those with jobs in the great outdoors can benefit from cushioned socks that protect feet and keep the free from blisters and rubbing injuries. Even if you do none of the above cushioned socks are ideal for lounging around the house, particularly if you are the kind of person that doesn’t go for carpet slippers.

Of course, cushion socks all the time lead to soft cushioned feet, so we wouldn’t recommend them for everyday use. Instead, go for some superb everyday cotton socks from

Celebrity Wearer: Countryfile’s John Craven