Cricket Socks

Cricket! The true sport of gentlemen, a war of nerves between to teams on a village green, ending with good sportsmanship and a slap-up tea in the pavilion. Far removed from the circus of twenty-over cricket that keeps the TV networks interested.

The traditional dress for the cricket player is his cricket whites: White shirt, jersey, trousers, socks and cricket shoes. However,  according to unreliable histories we’ve read, the traditional colour of cricket socks was lilac (and we quote) “because of the foot powder used by World War One soldiers in the trenches to prevent foot rot dying their socks purple”.

If this is the case, we would solemnly like to point out that cricket was played as an organised sport for many years before the Great War, where gentlemen took to the field in pristine whites with – believe it or not – white cricket socks.

Today’s cricket sock, as you’d imagine, comes at the very cutting edge of sports science, developed for comfort, performance and – above all – whiteness. They still won’t help you deal with a bit of off-spin, mind.

And after the match, don’t forget your black gentlemen’s cotton socks from, suitable for both cricket season and the other eleven months of the year when it’s snowing.

Celebrity Wearer: We’d hazard a guess at cricket players. Ian Botham, for one