Cotton Socks

“Bless my cotton socks, I’m in the news”, sung The Teardrop Explodes in their classic hit “Reward”. And they were right – cotton socks are the big news in the world of sock wearing.

Socks made from cotton are cooling on the feet, comfortable, and absorb all that nasty sweat that might leave you with a foot odour problem. All socks from the subscription service for gentlemen are 100% cotton for the best quality and price.

Cotton has been used in textiles for at least 7,000 years, and the English word comes from the Arabic ‘Al-qutn’ and has been in our vocabulary since around 1400. The Industrial Revolution in England in the 1700s and 1800s made cotton easy and economical to produce and cemented the north of England as the centre of the global cotton trade.

Over 250 years of agricultural and industrial development have led to the design and manufacture of the fine cotton socks that are on your feet right now. Cotton may also be used for other clothes, but we don’t care. We’re only here for the socks.

Celebrity Wearer: Julian Cope, lead singer of the Teardrop Explode