Chunky Socks

The importance of chunky socks to the sock wearer cannot be under-estimated. Everybody should have at least one pair of chunky socks in their collection because you never know when they might be needed.

Chunky socks have a variety of uses, primarily in the warming of the feet on an unexpectedly cold day; but also if you find yourself wearing footwear that is several sizes to large and you need something to pad it out. In both those respects chunky socks are ideal.

Big knitted socks are more than just footwear. Use them to stop a rattle in the back of your car, or to dust the TV screen because you can’t be bothered to find a cloth, or perhaps as a vital part of your costume because you’ve been asked to play the part of one of the Ugly Sisters in a local pantomime production of Cinderella. A million-and-one uses, and some of them related to socks.

Of course, once you’re using you chunky socks for car maintenance, you’ll need some sturdy, gentlemanly black socks for everyday use. Why not take out a subscription from, and have top quality socks all the time?

Celebrity Wearer: Danny La Rue, a true pro in the panto dame and chunky sock industry