Charity Socks

Socks with logos, on the whole, are an affront to everything that makes this country proud. This is particularly true in the concept of the novelty sock which reflects badly on everybody – the person who designed them, the shop from where they were sold, and ultimately the person who puts them on their feet.

A notable exception, however, is the charity sock, which rises up an beyond all criticism in its lofty cause to raise cash for those in need. Charity socks, which give a donation to the cause in question, tend to be cheaper than brand name socks and offer excellent value for the prospective sock purchaser.

Our only quibble would be in a lower quality sock, but you can’t argue with the motivation of doing good whilst keeping your feet relatively warm.

If you’re thinking of purchasing socks to support charity, why not shuffle your sock budget first? A subscription to is far cheaper than you think, and is the gift that just keeps on giving, a great way to support your favourite cause.

Celebrity Wearer: We’d like to think Carol Vorderman wears nothing but celebrity socks.