Business Socks

In the course of researching this entry, we Googled “Business Socks” and were shocked – SHOCKED – to discover they had two meanings. The first has nothing to do with socks at all, and more to do with the act of the unpleasantness that occurs in the marital bed, while the second is mostly to do with actual socks.

We shall ignore what the popular beat combo Madness refer to as “party hats with the coloured tips”, and instead concentrate on socks worn for the business of business.

In a world of executive lounges at airports, it is only natural that there’s a secret executive version of Sock Shop selling nothing but business socks at a substantial mark-up to city bankers who don’t know any better. But here’s the rub – they’re no different from regular socks, and you can get one over your bank manager by wearing the cheaper – and far superior – Gents’ Black Socks available by subscription from They’re business socks for proper gentlemen.

Celebrity Wearer: Lord Sugar