Brown Socks

Brown socks cover a multitude of sins and are particularly popular with those who prefer outdoor pursuits. The prime advantage of brown socks is that they don’t show the dirt if you’ve been spending the day tramping around in mucky ditches or shovelling out the contents of a stable block. These are socks that say one thing: “Come on then dirt, see if you’re hard enough.”

Brown socks are also worn by the kind of person who’d like to┬átry black socks, but are too scared to take that final step from woolly-thinking recidivist to firm, upright gentleman, wearing the finest black cotton socks from While brown socks have their uses, we certainly wouldn’t like to be seen wearing a pair walking across London Bridge in the morning rush hour (the one true “Are my socks rubbish or not?” test), and that’s wear they fall over.

If you want to wear brown socks, we suggest you move to a farm, particularly one where they are grown.

Celebrity Wearer: David “The Duke” Dickinson, although on second glance, he might have been barefoot