Blue Socks

As purveyors of the finest black socks to the nation, we here at Socked will be the first to admit that other coloured socks are available. We have no real opinion on these other coloured sock, beyond the fact that they are an abomination unto sock-kind and should be cast into the eternal flames of damnation.

This doesn’t detract from the fact that blue socks still exist, and people are perfectly happy to walk into shops and pay money for them. It’s a free world, but they are missing out on the wonderful experience of quality black socks, delivered regularly by your friends at

Blue socks, according to those in the know, are a fashion essential for those who colour-coordinate their outfits. Blue socks might go with jeans, or perhaps if you have a suit of a suitable hue. Or perhaps you are a sportsman whose club colours involve blue socks. In which case, go right ahead, but bear in mind we are supporting the black sock-wearing referee. Blue socks are fine on their own, just as long as they’re very very very very dark blue (black).

Celebrity Wearer: Former Everton man and crisp salesman Gary Lineker