Basketball Socks

Are you incredibly tall? Do you play sports with put incredibly tall people at an advantage? Do you like socks? Then, more likely than not, you have walked into a sports equipment shop at some time in your life, looked down at the sales assistant several feet below and asked for a pair of basketball socks.

Specially designed for people whose leisure time involves bouncing large orange balls around a court and throwing them through a hoop somewhere near the ceiling, sportswear companies have come up with special socks for basketball players. What makes them different from regular sports socks, we just do not know. Perhaps they make you more springy, or have steel toe-caps that protect you in case you bounce the ball onto your foot. Such are the mysteries of sports science, and it’s not a place we want to be, essentially because basketball player are all bigger than us.

If you’re not sporty or tall in the slightest (or even if you’re both), why not try some nice black socks from Socked instead?

Celebrity Wearer: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, a gift from his basketball pal Dennis Rodman