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How to wash socks

The gentleman – even if he employs a gentleman’s gentleman to do his domestic tasks – should always be prepared for the day when he has to do his own laundry. This could come as a hugely distressing shock to the system, especially to the young man who has had his clothes washed, pressed and […]

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How to split the bill in a restaurant

In his Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sequel Life, The Universe and Everything, the late Douglas Adams invented a concept called Bistromathics, the most complicated numbering and mathematical system in the galaxy. Bistromathics, Adams declared, is the direct result of the fact that when a large party dines in a restaurant, it remains impossible to […]

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How to change a nappy

Gentlemen, be warned! Parenthood can strike at any time, often with as little as nine months’ notice. With this in mind, the gent should prepare himself for those occasions where he suddenly finds himself a father. These preparations, the gent should take care to note, do NOT involve a large trunk of clothes, a recently […]

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The Gentleman’s guide to the Secret Santa

Christmas is just around the corner, and for the office-based gentleman, this means the Hell of the Secret Santa, that annual ritual when you buy a complete strange a gift, and receive something utterly useless in return. Secret Satan, more like. Many is the year when we have argued over the budget, over the so-called […]

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How to service your own car

Recently, we found ourselves the owner of a car built by a noted French manufacturer. We’re not quite sure how this happened, for the Frenchman is no gentleman, nor do they – in the main – have much of an idea how to build a good automobile. Keen on being the true British gent and […]

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Great books for men

Books for Gentlemen We are often asked “What should I, as an aspiring gentleman be reading, Mr Socked, sir?”, and we are happy to offer our advice. The first thing we tell any young gentleman with the notion of improving their mind is what they should not be reading. The good gentleman does not read […]

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How to call in sick

The other morning, as a result of a night of excess at our gentleman’s club, I woke with a head pounding like The Guns of Navarone, and my guts in a precarious state that would have caused an outrage in any public space had they gone off. Despite the self-inflicted nature of my malady, and […]

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How to make a decent cup of tea

It’s one of the great dilemmas in this country: Nobody seems to be able to agree on how to make a decent cup of tea. Bag or leaf? Pot or cup? Milk first or tea first? The nation is split hither an tither on these vital arguments, and there are times you feel that the […]

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How to mow the lawn

As the summer draws to a close, we here at Socked are painfully aware that the lawn-mowing season is drawing to a close. However, now is the time to give it one damn good cutting before you hang up your tweed jacket and put that mower back in the shed where it belongs. Make your […]

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The best boxers in the world – EVER

We were introduced to the fine arts of pugilism in our teenage years, and enjoyed the discipline of the punch-bag, light on our feet, landing blows against a sullen and unresponsive foe. It was when we tried to transfer these skills to the ring that we found that boxing was not all it was cracked […]

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Should a gentleman get a tattoo?

One of our finest actresses – Elizabeth Taylor, we think – once remarked: “Once upon a time you had to go to the circus and pay to see the fat man and the tattooed lady. Now they’re everywhere.” In a sense, Ms Taylor is correct, there are times – especially when we are out on […]

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How to prepare a hearty breakfast

A gentleman needs breakfast. They say it’s the most important meal of the day, but we reserve that title for the snack we have between 10.30 and 11.00 when the canteen does bacon butties. However, it is undeniable that today’s time-poor gents often skip breakfast and rush out of the door in the morning clutching […]

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Men ‘at serious risk’ from belly-button fluff

PRESS RELEASE  Could this menagerie of germs lead to danger of infection? The fluff that resides in your belly button could be housing potentially fatal dangers, one gentlemen’s style and advice website fears, as they offer to sponsor further studies. If the evolution of germs found on badly-groomed and sweaty men continues, the “zoo” of […]

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Belly Button Fluff Facts And Research

A new study details the microbial contents of 60 volunteers’ belly buttons. The upshot? Belly buttons, it turns out, are a lot like fluffy rain forests. Welcome to the Jungle From 60 belly buttons, the team (Rob Dunn) found 2,368 bacterial species, 1,458 of which may be new to science. Some belly buttons harbored as […]

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How to get into a gentleman’s club

And by “Gentlemen’s Club” we do not mean the kind of establishment filled to the gunwhales with scantily-clad young ladies, gyrating their lithe young bodies in the face of drooling businessmen and drunken stag parties. For if you are the kind of person that frequents these clubs, then you cannot call yourself a gentleman. The […]

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William pipped to post in Best Dressed Celebrity Dad survey

Prime Minister battles with Clarkson for wooden spoon New father Prince William has lost out to perennial style icon David Beckham for the title of Best Dressed Celebrity Father, missing out on the victory not long after a separate vote named the Duchess of Cambridge the best dressed famous mother. According to a survey by […]

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Man buys sock subscription for his ill dog to chew

PRESS RELEASE  Laptops and condoms top list of worst things destroyed by pet dogs Yorkshire resident Jonathan Ratcliffe has bought a sock subscription for his beloved working cocker spaniel Willow so she can chew at that them to his heart’s content. Jonathan bought the gift of a sock subscription from online gents outfitters and advice […]

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How to drive a boat

“I know what will be fun,” said Mrs Socked as we soaked up the sun on a recent sojourn to East Anglia, and I was immediately filled with dread over what would come next, for I was certain that I would find myself way out of my comfort zone, doing some sort of activity as […]

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How to train your dog

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. However, you rarely – if ever – see a dog stand his round of drinks down the pub on a Friday night, and neither is a dog likely to lend you twenty quid to tide you over until the end of the month. And it is […]

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The Gentleman’s Guide To Unpleasantness And Swearing Abroad

Sometimes the gentleman has to travel, and that may involve heading south of Dover where you cannot get a decent of cup tea for neither love nor money. Alas, once you are on the continent, you will inevitably come into contact with Jean-Baptise Foreigneur, whose customs, way of life and attitude to the English gentleman […]