Ankle Socks

One of the great paradoxes of socks and sockism – all socks go over your ankles, so they are all – by definition – ankle socks.

However, we’re not stupid, and know that ankle socks are, in fact, very very short socks that just come up to your ankles, And into that definition, we throw those socks that are worn with trainers that look like you’re hard and straight and cool and not wearing socks at all, when you are actually wearing socks. We don’t care what they’re called, for they’ll always be stealth socks to us.

The gentleman is not a great fan of the ankle sock, being as they are the preserve of the women’s and children’s sock market. They do have their uses. For example, the shorter gentleman might wish to wear ankle socks to make his legs appear longer, and that’s all the uses we can think of, to be honest.

Gentlemen can rest assured knowing that their black cotton socks from are of regulation length and, unless you have freakishly long legs, are in no way ankle socks.

Celebrity Wearer: Lofty from It Ain’t ‘Alf Hot, Mum