Angling Socks

What do you buy the fisherman who has everything? He’s got the rod, a little light to go at the end of his rod, reels, one of those jackets with far too many pockets, all the tackle, and even one of those pop-up shelters so he doesn’t have to sit out in the rain in his man-versus-fish battle. The answer is, of course, after-shave so he can hide the smell of fish. But if he’s got after-shave, why not try socks? Socks for fishing.

angling socks

Angling socks are wool-rich, warm and the ideal piece of kit for anybody whose idea of a good time is sitting out in the cold for hours on end. They’re also handy for anybody who works in an outside trade, and there’s many a happy brickie or postman who have never been fishing in their lives, but areĀ  thankful for their knee-length angling socks.

Also, they’re knee-length, so forget trying to look sexy. For a proper sexy look, try a nice pair of black socks from Guaranteed free of fishy smells.

Celebrity wearer: TV and radio’s Chris Tarrant, often seen on the banks of local canals wearing nothing but angling socks.