Anatomically Shaped Socks

For those people who have no understanding of the concept, that socks can go on either foot come the concept of anatomically shaped socks.

Specially designed to come in specific left and right pairs, they are contoured to fit the feet of the wearer. Manufacturers claim they provide better support for your feet, and help prevent chafing and blisters, a problem we’ve never noticed with regular gents’ black socks for some reason. Obviously created for the kind of person who worries about “sock performance”, they also come at a premium price of up to £25 per pair, presumably with gold thread holding the diamonds in place.

Yes, they’re amazing comfortable, but if you’ve got several pairs, they’re a nightmare on laundry day. And at over ten pounds a shot, you might ask where your priorities are when you’re staggering around in the dark of a morning trying to find a left sock to wear.

Instead, why not try some great quality socks from Socked and a decent pair of shoes?

Celebrity user: Any Premier League footballer, probably